S1 Admission Talk

2022-23 S1 Admission Info Day


Date: 20th November 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The number of visitors will be limited due to the pandemic.



2022-23 S1 Admission Talk


Venue: School Hall on 1/F

Content: The implementation and characteristics of our school’s curriculum, students’ performances, support to S1 newcomers, procedures of S1 admission



1. Call the school office to make a reservation (Tel:  2496 6000)

2. Register online through  https://forms.gle/ttd7WfNJ2axdjuCa9

   Deadline of application: 17th November 2021 (Wednesday)



1.  The personal data is for our internal use only and will be destroyed after the talk.

2.  Please receive the confirmation letter in the email box, and show it on mobile phone or show the printed copy upon arrival on the day to verify your identity.

3.  A temperature declaration form is attached to the email. Please print it out and sign it, and submit it to the collection point of temperature declaration form before entering the hall.

4.  You must register with a Google email address in order to:

     a. Attend the live webcast via the email address

     b. Attend the live webcast via the email address in case the talk needs to be converted to a live webcast in response to changes of the pandemic.

5.  Please call the school for enquiries if you have any questions about the Google email address.


Apply Now


Both morning and afternoon sessions of our S1 Admission Talk are full. Interested parties please register for the live webcast sessions.

On S1 Admission Info Day (20 November), there will be game stalls at the playground, Common Activity Area (CAA) and classrooms.

Live webcast of the talk will be broadcasted at CAA. You are welcome to join it on campus.

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