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2024-06-05 (Wednesday)5D Tsui Tsun Ho, Juno, 5E Lai Yin Fung, Rex and 5E Tin Chun Wai, Ivan win the 2024 Harvard Book Prize
2024-06-05 (Wednesday)Community Youth Club in Education Bureau Tsuen Wan District 2023-2024 Award Ceremony
2024-05-30 (Thursday)Achievements of our School’s Sports teams in 2023-24 Inter-School Sports Competitions (Tsuen Wan and Islands)
2024-05-28 (Tuesday)The Greater Bay Outstanding Students Award 2024
2024-05-08 (Wednesday)第八屆全港學界「中史解碼」手機螢幕桌布設計比賽「傑出作品獎」
2024-05-08 (Wednesday)2023-2024 SIR EDWARD YOUDE MEMORIAL PRIZES
2024-04-24 (Wednesday)「向老師致敬徵文比賽2023」獲獎
2024-04-24 (Wednesday)「邁向低碳未來」全港原子筆中文書法比賽獲獎
2024-04-19 (Friday)Celebrating the Success of our English Drama Team at the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2023-24
2024-04-16 (Tuesday)Celebrating Multiple Music Competition Awards Won by our School Representatives
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